5 different hand crafted lashes designed by a professional makeup artist

NOELLE: is a 3/4 lash that’s bold enough to create definition while also naturally lifting the outer corner of the eye

LEO SZN: is a fan favorite (like many Leo’s 😉) it is a 3/4 lash and while it creates intense volume, the spaces in-between each cluster of hair makes it the perfect lash for just about anybody

ICONIC: is the full, rounded volume lash that opens the eyes because of its length pattern going from short to long to short to create a doll eye effect

BABY SPICE: is a full lash with a clear band (making it even easier to lay flat on the lash line) the defined spacing creates an even, round, wispy effect

UNDERESTIMATED: is a half lash that gives you a lifted “my lash but better” effect

Noelle Collection Lash Pack

  • anywhere in the US. Shipping will take anywhere from 7-10 business days.

  • A 5 pack of lashes including:

    NOELLE (3/4 lash)

    LEO SZN (3/4 lash)

    ICONIC (full lash)

    BABY SPICE (full lash)

    UNDERESTIMATED (1/2 lash)